About Us

Our Mission

STEM4Girls aims to instill a love for STEM in girls everywhere. Women are vastly underrepresented in STEM fields and this can only be changed by changing the attitudes young girls have towards STEM. STEM4Girls works to make fun, educational workshops and camps available to garner the interest of young minds in the hopes that it will help them throughout their lives

Our Projects:

  • RoboRink is the biggest project that STEM4Girls has undertaken. RoboRink is a facility located in the center of the Bethany Village shopping complex where students can come to learn about robotics. Equipped with computers, robots, and testing fields, RoboRink provides students access to the tools they need to explore technology. 


  • STEM4Girls runs various camps for young girls in partnership with organizations like NCWIT as well. By teaching girls how to code through fun projects STEM4Girls hopes to inspire them to further pursue computing.


  • STEM4Girls also provides grants and sponsorships to robotics teams that encourage girls to participate. Through STEM4Girls these teams have access to a network of mentors to guide them along the way in whatever projects they choose to pursue.