Member Testimonial

Today one of our new members came back to us with this review

“I recently joined STEM4Girls because of my good friend, Anna. I helped at the first event that S4G hosted, the Math Kangaroo Awards ceremony, and I loved to see the excitement that these kids had towards Mathematics. In another instance, I was looking for a local tutoring job, and STEM4Girls helped me quickly and easily get one.” -Nikita

We’re so glad we could help you Nikita!

This is our mission, we hope to see more girls like Nikita involved in their communities and that’s why we’re here to provide volunteering opportunities and connections so that they can get involved the way that they’d like to. We’re always looking for new members, if you’d like to join contact us at As a member you’ll gain access to various volunteering oppurtinities, networks to help you apply for part-time tutoring positions in addition to other benefits.

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